Today I am very sad, I’ve got some bad news this morning. Chicago is my home town but I’m so ready for my family to leave and see an new life style. Leaving Chicago was big for me, but it also changed my perspective on life. The main reason I’m writing this blog is to express my feelings…. #automatk #chicago #wordpress #life #help #mrmatik #smashent 


Today I’m have to be at work at 5pm.working long shift like I do will have a man drain, but I can’t complain because then I’ll be less of a man. sometimes I hate working there it’s really becoming a drag  …oh well that’s life rite.  

Doctors appointment 

So me and my son mother (stina) , takes my son to get his 6 months shots and ☑ up. We were so nervous , our hands were drench with sweat…. As he lay on the cold white sheet… The noise f4om the other kids makes him smile, 

Long story short everything went fine and I feel much better..